Friday, December 16, 2016

What Aura Doesn’t Tell You

Hello everyone - Tauza here with another brief update...

There is a great article over at The Imperium's website that you should take a moment to read called:

I agree with most of what they post there, so much so that I am telling all of you here about it :-)

I don't agree with the playing Eve alone part though. I play Eve with others 50% of the time, the other 50% of the time I am playing solo as "knowledge is power" and a lot of the knowledge in Eve on how to make ISK is very well guarded (as it should be).


The one "secret" that I liked best that they listed was the copying of contracts. That one tip alone can save you HOURS of time each month if you do as many contracts as I do!

My brother and so many other people in Eve have told other player's the Secrets of Eve so much that it has ruined a lot of the created in game mysteries. Things that took me months to figure out, over multiple expansions, multiple story arcs are just given to new players by old players. New players are just not vested in the game like us old players. While I try to help out a lot of the new players with how hard Eve's UI can be and how many features are undocumented I will also try my hardest not to give you any spoilers

Have any other tips or secrets on the UI or eve on general that you would like to share? Please comments them below and remember NO SPOILERS!